Bald Eagle State Park Howard, Pennsylvania

The 5,900-acre Bald Eagle State Park is in the broad Bald Eagle Valley of northcentral Pennsylvania. The 1,730-acre lake is surrounded by Bald Eagle Mountain as well as forests, fields, and wetlands.

With two campgrounds, boating, fishing, swimming, and diverse habitats that are excellent for wildlife watching, Bald Eagle State Park is a great destination in the heart of Pennsylvania

The diverse geology in the park provides the backdrop for the lake, forests, fields, wetlands, and streams. It is a great destination for bird watchers! The fields provide homes for an array of birds as well as monarch butterfly, woodchuck, and cottontail rabbit. A mature oak and hickory forest covers the Bald Eagle Mountain and provides homes for porcupine and turkey.

The lake, created by the Foster Joseph Sayers Reservoir, holds black crappie, largemouth and smallmouth bass, yellow perch and other warm water species. The lake also attracts snapping turtles, osprey, great blue heron and the occasional bald eagle.  Foster Joseph Sayers Reservoir draws most of its water from Bald Eagle Creek. The creek flows through limestone making itself and the lake alkaline. These conditions create a striving warm water fishery.

Our experience:
We camped at a full hook up site that was fairly private. It felt like your own backyard! Lots of different plants and trees created a beautiful backdrop as well as the scenic mountains. At night we had the pleasure of watching a fairly full moon rise! Spectacular!