Cunningham Park Queens, New York

Culture, sports, nature… and fun! All of these things abound in Cunningham Park, one of the largest parks in Queens. Assembled between 1928 and 1944 and named Cunningham Park in 1934, the space has developed into headquarters for countless athletic leagues, animal life, family picnics and mountain biking.

The 358-acre expanse that makes up Cunningham Park is one of Queen’s best-kept secrets, with a trail system that will have you grinning the second you duck into the woods. Thanks to devoted trailbuilders from NYCMTB and IMBA, the riding here is first class.

The mulch-covered ground at the trailheads quickly gives way to dirt as you get deeper into the woods. You’ll occasionally see glimpses of the highway just outside of the park, but rather than being an annoying issue, it’s kind of fun.

The trails are theoretically one-direction, and it’s specified on the trail maps, but be warned that people don’t always follow the rules. The trails are divided into three types: beginner, intermediate and expert. While the expert trails can get intense, beginners can take on the intermediate trails with relative ease and maybe a few walks over logs. Iguana and Teepee are two of the best intermediate trails on the East side of the park, and if you’re looking for tough, technical rides, try Viper over on the Westside.

IMBA also points out that with only 40 feet of elevation in the entire park-lots of short ups and downs, but no massive climbs-if you’re a singlespeed devotee, this is a great place to come ride.