You Betta Belize it Placencia, Belize

Placencia is a beach resort on the Caribbean coast of Belize. It’s at the southern tip of the Placencia, known for its palm-lined beaches. Between the peninsula and the mainland, Placencia Lagoon is home to manatees and saltwater crocodiles. Offshore, there are dive sites on the coral Belize Barrier Reef. To the north, the Garífuna community of Seine Bight is a hub for traditional drumming and dance. 

Peninsula isn’t just an attraction for the eco-traveler. The culinary tourist is in for a colorful and tasty food adventure. Fresh caught seafood is the specialty and served up as traditional fare of various ethnicities as well as more internationally inspired fine cuisine.

Peninsula have maintained their charming village appeal, the pace quickly picks up during major annual events such as the Placencia Sidewalk Arts and Music Festival in February and Lobsterfest in June. A rich multi-cultural utopia awakens in the night at local bars and clubs where free spirits can opt to dance barefoot to the rhythms of the Garifuna drums, the electrifying riffs of guitars or to the pumping dance tunes from beloved local DJs.