Trough Creek State Park Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania


Trough Creek State Park Located along a scenic gorge created as Great Trough Creek cuts through Terrace Mountain and empties into Raystown Lake, this park is known for its natural and geological beauty. Camping, hiking, picnicking, and fishing are favorite activities in the 554 acre park.

Terrace Mountain trail traverses the eastern side of Raystown Lake from Weaver Falls to Corbins Bridge. The 29 miles consist of more difficult hiking in the areas most remote and challenging terrain.

Trough Creek State Park is one of the diamonds in PA’s crown jewels of state parks. The creek cuts its way through a steep rocky gorge on its way to Raystown Lake passing natural wonders like Copperas Rocks, the Balanced Rock, Ravens Rock and the old Ice Mine as well as the man-made suspension bridge across the creek. Throngs of visitors visit every weekend. The trail system, some of which passes through Rothrock State Forest, is pretty rustic even though most of it is well maintained.